Friday, December 30, 2011

give me a bouquet of novels please!

if i am left in a room, locked, but with some food and lots of novels, i'll probably survive and i would cherish the moment i can read peacefully without worrying to also read on pathology, immunology, histology (where i have to scurried up every little strength to read it), and maybe also psychology, where the laziness beat everything to even try to revise back..

but give me a novel, i'll sacrifice even my sweet dream time, even switching on the table light again to continue read as whatever is going to happen keeps on dancing ballet in my mind, urging me to find out, and so i'll promise to only read a chapter... when a chapter became 5 chapter.... and then almost to finish..... and i finally finished around 3.30am where i finally switch off the light and go and join the dream relished in the novel.

and i know i didn't read a lot at all, but since i need to study... well, i did so study....

(not qualified as novel, but since it's garfield...)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

what i want for christmas is...

first of all, no, i'm not celebrating christmas, neither am i with those who are as i'm stuck in kuantan because of a half an hour exam on saturday, so i could not follow everyone home on friday, tsk tsk..

so, the thing is, i really really loved to read novel and there was this once at Book Xcess Bookstore i found this book, and i seriously fell in love with its beautiful cover! seriously it was just so lovely, and the summary told of a story with fairies, okay, i can take that, as long as it's not fairytale. and so for the how many times already i buy a book just because of its lovely cover, i just pick the first book..

but seriously, it was fun and good and i loved it! that's the most important. and now i want the sequents so i can continue reading and engulf with the story of Seth and Aislinn...

and i don't care if you say to me to go and buy it myself, i just need the cash and the place and that is all. *big grin*

*am reading something borrowed by emily griffin*

Happy Birthday Farah!!

if before i use to see her everyday
in same class together everyday
complaint everything to her everyday
and text her everyday

now i can't do that anymore
because even though we are
much more nearer now
it seems we are much more at a distant

but anyway i wish her a lot of luck
have a heap of joy
doa for blessing from Allah
and may her dreams come true

just remember that
you will always be my friend
your parents loves you
and Allah is always with us

loves you Farah!
and have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
welcome to the almost adult world
and bubye to those teenagers years..

Ombak Rindu~

hehe, okay, during lecture while not really concentrating on what Prof Hassan was talking, suddenly kak ecah said, let's go and watch Ombak Rindu after this. and i was like, JOM!! well, lecture ends noon today and evening is free so might as well go and watch that movie we have so long wanted to see. anis tagged along and together we went to see the novel-adapted movie.

the starting was already funny and anis was like, hey, they don't have this in the movie, this is so never happen. then the story went too fast and Hariz was already fallen in love with Izzah, and i was like, what the ...??? how did they be here so fast? okay, it can't have the same flow as the novel, does it?

then when Mila came out, i couldn't help laughing at her expression, and how phyco this women is, of how mad and outrageous she gets, or so says anis. then Hariz mother, where at one scene looks like a witch/vampire/ghost, whichever either that you like to choose, but seriously, with the scary make-up and thunder in the background?? so witch/vampire/ghost like!!

and anis, kak ecah said we were the only one who were making noises, laughing in the cinema. oopss, sorry guys everyone, didn't realise i was really that loud. but surely i didn't disturb you guys to enjoy and feel the story right? i know some of you, *or many* did cry?? though i couldn't or didn't feel crying or whatsoever as anis keeps on laughing and pointing of funny things. hee~ point finger to anis. okay, next time, no more making noises in cinema..

so anyway, whatever it is the panorama was really beautiful and i like it! the house was fantastic, with how from outside you see a plain rumah papan, but the interior decor and more of the house, so really woww!!

and i want to see it again, this time no laughing okay. promise! tee-hee..

*btw, the novel was among the first novel introduced to me, and it was by kak zahraatul, wherever she is now, i kind of miss her though..
and.. this novel is something special because of a name, haha..*

Thursday, December 22, 2011

that moment

when stressed comes and i needed some thoughts to divert my poor brain, i suddenly remembered, this one really sweet memories. created during my high school life where life was full of scandals and education be put to less priorities, while dreaming of how life is going to be when we are grown-ups..

so this one time, somehow three of us dream something, how me, Dolly and Nuzul dream to live in a house together when we are already working. and the best part is that my room will be filled with novels, Nuzul's with lots and lots of manga and lastly, Dolly's room with female magazines, make-ups and lotsa beauty products, just make sure you keep them safe, especially your Vaseline! *Dolly's gonna pinch me if she can now* all according to each interest at that time.

and during that time, life was so easy. going to school was a fun thing that i looked up to everyday, okay, for reasons other than learning, i admit. but still, being here where i am now, those times seems so relaxing and enjoyable, very especially when i can bully Dolly! Yay!! *poor you, must be relieving i'm no longer near you!

so anyway, Dolly, i saw you during last ramadhan, glad to meet you and i miss you so! Nuzul, somewhere on this earth far away don't know when i can meet her, the last time i saw you was probably the last day of us in Badlishah and that was so centuries ago..

Dolly, in my image you appear with your lip-gloss*or Vaseline* and a Cleo magazine.

Nuzul, with a pencil and a paper drafting a comic for me*i miss your stories!* or listing manga to bring for some boring events at school.

ohh i miss you girls a lot!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


every time i'm excited going back home
i forget this one thing
and now i'm home
it wasn't even one day
and i've remembered enough
now i understand what trauma means
day 2 at home and i can't wait
for this 10 day holidays to end
and leave again...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Truly crazy

okay, other people are crazily nervous for exam tomorrow and you are writing an essay for a contest, truly unbelievable. Make it a way for me releasing the stress building up, hee~

Saturday, December 3, 2011

if only there is such place

sometimes i wish
to study
in a place
where the water flows freely
the wind blows softly
and surrounded
by the greenery of
mother nature

how peaceful that would be..

Friday, December 2, 2011

i have never thought
there would be a day
when i would stay at library studying
*yes, studying! not leisure reading*
from early morning
till late night
and only be at room
for sleeping hours
okay, this is totally
medical students
being nerd
cramping everything
in the head
for the final block exam
.....time to sleep
tomorrow to library again :)

*but honestly! i love library for it's millions story books
but in a university library
there's only huge textbook for academic..*

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


okay, that awkward moment
when your mother had received a call
from her sister
whom the daughter a.k.a my cousin
already have a boyfriend
and already met my aunt plus
although afraid, my uncle too..
and my mom ask is it serious or whatever
when your boyfriend already meet parents
and i was in a state of not knowing how to explain
when she suddenly said about my boyfriend
and i also suddenly ask
when did i ever had a boyfriend???
okay, more question marks here..
sometime before?
that was boy-friend, no matter when that was
in a context of they are a boy and are my friends..

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


it's the magnificent revision week
or as i quote "the torture week"
as during this week
a thirteen week lecture
need to be stuff into the brain in one week
and once moved to another topic
this one topic is already forgotten
and so many things
facts, definition, events, cycle
the enzyme for each step
each process
with the accidental overslept
the self lazy state
date with the lovely lappy
and ohh, already clash with facebook
i still don't know how i'll survive
to the day the final block exam will finish
and i can say yay it's over
with the feeling of knowing i answered,,,
ok? excellantly? not to good?
what to do time is flying by
everyday asking the same quetion
am i fit to be a medical student
a friend say: God doesn't put you there if you do not belong
how to learn? so many
another friend say: read and understand slowly
me:so stress..
the another friend: take some time to relax, don't be crazy studying all time
me trying to object: but...
both friend: don't worry, you can do it!!
okay, mouth shut..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A simple wish...

and i remember
all those crazy things you said
you left them riding through my head
but right now i wish you were here
all those crazy things we did
didn't think about it
just went with it
you're always there
you're everywhere
but right now i wish you were here

Avril Lavinge
Wish you were here

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today is...

it's 22nd November
used to be a day of something
but now it's just a day
that i can't wait to end

wonder what you're doing now?
are you fine and in the best of health?
did you had a nice time today?
how did you celebrate today?

sure, it's your birthday today
and it has already been two years
since i last wish you your birthday
before, i stopped to even care of the day

remember that once during your birthday night?
we had a long chat towards the morning
when we are both supposedly to be in examination period
and that was like the first time we ever had such a long talk

i really thought that was enough
when there's only me and you that time
but i made a mistake somewhere and you did yours
and maybe someday we'll think back of it

many times you said you want to strengthen the tie
and after that many times somehow we get apart
i didn't want to disturb you as you are so very busy forever
but that very kind thought and act made we became apart

you have a new surrounding, new career, new you
i hate it
hate as you become a different person
because i really miss the old you...

but now here i am already nearly forgetting you
will be someday near, the days are flying quickly
and on that day if you ever appear in front of me
you won't find my old self anymore

Saturday, November 19, 2011

He's always there~

when you feel down and really sad
and don't what else to do
you need someone to tell
and give comfort and cheer you up
suddenly all your friends are not around
all have their own plan
everyone is busy
and you feel alone
but there's always someone
who will always be there
never ever leave our side
that will comfort us
there's Allah swt, our God
always there for you
send Quran to comfort and guide
sentence prayer for us to remember Him
and ask something from Him by doa'
so many things He gave
never forgets us
never leaving our sides
so when you feel down again
remember Allah is there with you

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Looking back~

friends are the one closest to us next to our family
and often, they know more about us than family
they are the one who knows of our feelings and secrets
then we grow up and each have their own future
it's unavoidable
we can't force the other one to do everything the same as us
so somewhere along the path we choose a different path
some can still sent a letter or give a call to the one on a different path
some just forgets and meet others in the new path
and some, just maybe, their path meets again
reunion might be full of happiness of able to meet again
or simply the recognition of having know each other
old friendship may rekindle back
or it might just have been a close book
too often we lose our friends through separation
each with a different path and future
of different profession and specialty
and in the midst of little time
we tend to forget to keep in touch
and become apart more and more in the days that come
some lost their friends through maturity
people grow up and become independent
they no longer need the one who support them along their way
once they have gain the courage and confident
the one who have been loyal to their side 
who they needed all the support to stay on the road
are left aside on the roadside
as if a child who leave their mother
and how a mother are always afraid of her baby growing up
becoming independent and leave them
some lose through conflicts
of misunderstanding and jealousy
of things often too stupid to be argued
it is true
friends just come and go
new relationship can always be formed
but those that start from our early life
are the most precious and memorable
most lovely and most adorably
and to lose such relationship is just
something we might regret in our later days
as we realize they are the true friends
so think back of that friend you have already forgotten when their birthday are
the friend that you have no idea what they are doing now
or the one you use to refer to for all problems
maybe they might give you a boost of happiness
when you most need it now

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love yourself first!!!

sometimes, we never realize that we have to see in ourselves first and understand what we really feels. unless we care about ourselves, no one else will. so love yourselves first, be happy of yourselves, and cherish yourselves, before you start to search for someone else to worry about..

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A True Friend

a friend that is along your side no matter what
who will laugh when you tell this funny joke you can't seem to forget
who will listen when you need to talk or you will end up in the asylum
who will tease when special something happen and you are over the moon
who will comfort when you have butterflies in your stomach
who will worry when your brain is worrying and spinning
who will cry together when the crystal drops start falling out of your eyes
who will always be there no matter what and no matter where
and even if for some time you are apart
when you meet again the same remains
memories will still be carved in your heart
and happenings are to be plan in the future
for all of this, a true friend is really the most precious treasure in the world

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Missing a Friend

which is more preferable
to stay as friends forever
or change the relationship into lovers
when i said i want to stay as your friend
it means i really want to be your friend
but i do not like it when you start to go into that way..
again and again and again
i do not want to lose you as a friend
nor do i want to have you as that special someone
and only when you can accept me as your friend
then only can i feel that same feeling again talking to you
that feeling when i can say anything
and act as myself
plus that simple feeling
that i have my friend back (",)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Dreaming to the Moon

the sky looks gloomy
giving comfort to return to sweet dreams
but mini test is waiting
and i only got a three hours dream
and so the mini test welcomes
with a great deal of question
that i can only stare and said
i think i have read this read somewhere
but i wonder what did it say
and so there goes the one hour killing test
that everyone have been waiting for
and even after that
it does not give that relieve feeling
as it make me think if this is mini
what will happen in the end block test
i guess i'll go and find another dream now

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Minute Is Great!

five days holiday were faint of spirit
and now when the test is just really around the corner
here i am feeling so excited to revise
all that everyone have already finish
but as long as i have been revising
i'm fine and i'll be ready
for my dear mini test (",)

Just Smile~

when the breeze comes
whispering slowly
of the words he used to say
you'll smile even though
that was a lie and
those were things he never meant

the love he gave was none
of sincerity or purity
and how i actually care about it
he will never know anything
just smile and hold my head high
and let those memories go

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


a special someone
send them to me..
i love it!  A lot!!
thanx dear!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


the silence is killing me..
the only thing heard is the unliving..
sound of the clock ticking..
sound of the wind blew from the fan..
sound from the light which is somewhat irritating..
sound of the clicking of pen or maybe pencil from the other side..
and perhaps the sound of something fell on to the floor..
as if there are no living thing..
as if there's not a single soul..
as if there are nobody..
perhaps this is the land of the unliving soul..

Stupid Comeback~

sitting down and suddenly feel sad and start to remember..
the moment when you were once very close to him..
everything seems wonderful then..
but suddenly he start to slip away..
and now you are like no one to him..