Monday, October 31, 2011

Dreaming to the Moon

the sky looks gloomy
giving comfort to return to sweet dreams
but mini test is waiting
and i only got a three hours dream
and so the mini test welcomes
with a great deal of question
that i can only stare and said
i think i have read this read somewhere
but i wonder what did it say
and so there goes the one hour killing test
that everyone have been waiting for
and even after that
it does not give that relieve feeling
as it make me think if this is mini
what will happen in the end block test
i guess i'll go and find another dream now

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Minute Is Great!

five days holiday were faint of spirit
and now when the test is just really around the corner
here i am feeling so excited to revise
all that everyone have already finish
but as long as i have been revising
i'm fine and i'll be ready
for my dear mini test (",)

Just Smile~

when the breeze comes
whispering slowly
of the words he used to say
you'll smile even though
that was a lie and
those were things he never meant

the love he gave was none
of sincerity or purity
and how i actually care about it
he will never know anything
just smile and hold my head high
and let those memories go

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


a special someone
send them to me..
i love it!  A lot!!
thanx dear!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


the silence is killing me..
the only thing heard is the unliving..
sound of the clock ticking..
sound of the wind blew from the fan..
sound from the light which is somewhat irritating..
sound of the clicking of pen or maybe pencil from the other side..
and perhaps the sound of something fell on to the floor..
as if there are no living thing..
as if there's not a single soul..
as if there are nobody..
perhaps this is the land of the unliving soul..

Stupid Comeback~

sitting down and suddenly feel sad and start to remember..
the moment when you were once very close to him..
everything seems wonderful then..
but suddenly he start to slip away..
and now you are like no one to him..