Saturday, November 12, 2011

Looking back~

friends are the one closest to us next to our family
and often, they know more about us than family
they are the one who knows of our feelings and secrets
then we grow up and each have their own future
it's unavoidable
we can't force the other one to do everything the same as us
so somewhere along the path we choose a different path
some can still sent a letter or give a call to the one on a different path
some just forgets and meet others in the new path
and some, just maybe, their path meets again
reunion might be full of happiness of able to meet again
or simply the recognition of having know each other
old friendship may rekindle back
or it might just have been a close book
too often we lose our friends through separation
each with a different path and future
of different profession and specialty
and in the midst of little time
we tend to forget to keep in touch
and become apart more and more in the days that come
some lost their friends through maturity
people grow up and become independent
they no longer need the one who support them along their way
once they have gain the courage and confident
the one who have been loyal to their side 
who they needed all the support to stay on the road
are left aside on the roadside
as if a child who leave their mother
and how a mother are always afraid of her baby growing up
becoming independent and leave them
some lose through conflicts
of misunderstanding and jealousy
of things often too stupid to be argued
it is true
friends just come and go
new relationship can always be formed
but those that start from our early life
are the most precious and memorable
most lovely and most adorably
and to lose such relationship is just
something we might regret in our later days
as we realize they are the true friends
so think back of that friend you have already forgotten when their birthday are
the friend that you have no idea what they are doing now
or the one you use to refer to for all problems
maybe they might give you a boost of happiness
when you most need it now

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