Tuesday, November 29, 2011


it's the magnificent revision week
or as i quote "the torture week"
as during this week
a thirteen week lecture
need to be stuff into the brain in one week
and once moved to another topic
this one topic is already forgotten
and so many things
facts, definition, events, cycle
the enzyme for each step
each process
with the accidental overslept
the self lazy state
date with the lovely lappy
and ohh, already clash with facebook
i still don't know how i'll survive
to the day the final block exam will finish
and i can say yay it's over
with the feeling of knowing i answered,,,
ok? excellantly? not to good?
what to do time is flying by
everyday asking the same quetion
am i fit to be a medical student
a friend say: God doesn't put you there if you do not belong
how to learn? so many
another friend say: read and understand slowly
me:so stress..
the another friend: take some time to relax, don't be crazy studying all time
me trying to object: but...
both friend: don't worry, you can do it!!
okay, mouth shut..

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