Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today is...

it's 22nd November
used to be a day of something
but now it's just a day
that i can't wait to end

wonder what you're doing now?
are you fine and in the best of health?
did you had a nice time today?
how did you celebrate today?

sure, it's your birthday today
and it has already been two years
since i last wish you your birthday
before, i stopped to even care of the day

remember that once during your birthday night?
we had a long chat towards the morning
when we are both supposedly to be in examination period
and that was like the first time we ever had such a long talk

i really thought that was enough
when there's only me and you that time
but i made a mistake somewhere and you did yours
and maybe someday we'll think back of it

many times you said you want to strengthen the tie
and after that many times somehow we get apart
i didn't want to disturb you as you are so very busy forever
but that very kind thought and act made we became apart

you have a new surrounding, new career, new you
i hate it
hate as you become a different person
because i really miss the old you...

but now here i am already nearly forgetting you
will be someday near, the days are flying quickly
and on that day if you ever appear in front of me
you won't find my old self anymore

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