Friday, December 30, 2011

give me a bouquet of novels please!

if i am left in a room, locked, but with some food and lots of novels, i'll probably survive and i would cherish the moment i can read peacefully without worrying to also read on pathology, immunology, histology (where i have to scurried up every little strength to read it), and maybe also psychology, where the laziness beat everything to even try to revise back..

but give me a novel, i'll sacrifice even my sweet dream time, even switching on the table light again to continue read as whatever is going to happen keeps on dancing ballet in my mind, urging me to find out, and so i'll promise to only read a chapter... when a chapter became 5 chapter.... and then almost to finish..... and i finally finished around 3.30am where i finally switch off the light and go and join the dream relished in the novel.

and i know i didn't read a lot at all, but since i need to study... well, i did so study....

(not qualified as novel, but since it's garfield...)

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