Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ombak Rindu~

hehe, okay, during lecture while not really concentrating on what Prof Hassan was talking, suddenly kak ecah said, let's go and watch Ombak Rindu after this. and i was like, JOM!! well, lecture ends noon today and evening is free so might as well go and watch that movie we have so long wanted to see. anis tagged along and together we went to see the novel-adapted movie.

the starting was already funny and anis was like, hey, they don't have this in the movie, this is so never happen. then the story went too fast and Hariz was already fallen in love with Izzah, and i was like, what the ...??? how did they be here so fast? okay, it can't have the same flow as the novel, does it?

then when Mila came out, i couldn't help laughing at her expression, and how phyco this women is, of how mad and outrageous she gets, or so says anis. then Hariz mother, where at one scene looks like a witch/vampire/ghost, whichever either that you like to choose, but seriously, with the scary make-up and thunder in the background?? so witch/vampire/ghost like!!

and anis, kak ecah said we were the only one who were making noises, laughing in the cinema. oopss, sorry guys everyone, didn't realise i was really that loud. but surely i didn't disturb you guys to enjoy and feel the story right? i know some of you, *or many* did cry?? though i couldn't or didn't feel crying or whatsoever as anis keeps on laughing and pointing of funny things. hee~ point finger to anis. okay, next time, no more making noises in cinema..

so anyway, whatever it is the panorama was really beautiful and i like it! the house was fantastic, with how from outside you see a plain rumah papan, but the interior decor and more of the house, so really woww!!

and i want to see it again, this time no laughing okay. promise! tee-hee..

*btw, the novel was among the first novel introduced to me, and it was by kak zahraatul, wherever she is now, i kind of miss her though..
and.. this novel is something special because of a name, haha..*

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