Thursday, December 22, 2011

that moment

when stressed comes and i needed some thoughts to divert my poor brain, i suddenly remembered, this one really sweet memories. created during my high school life where life was full of scandals and education be put to less priorities, while dreaming of how life is going to be when we are grown-ups..

so this one time, somehow three of us dream something, how me, Dolly and Nuzul dream to live in a house together when we are already working. and the best part is that my room will be filled with novels, Nuzul's with lots and lots of manga and lastly, Dolly's room with female magazines, make-ups and lotsa beauty products, just make sure you keep them safe, especially your Vaseline! *Dolly's gonna pinch me if she can now* all according to each interest at that time.

and during that time, life was so easy. going to school was a fun thing that i looked up to everyday, okay, for reasons other than learning, i admit. but still, being here where i am now, those times seems so relaxing and enjoyable, very especially when i can bully Dolly! Yay!! *poor you, must be relieving i'm no longer near you!

so anyway, Dolly, i saw you during last ramadhan, glad to meet you and i miss you so! Nuzul, somewhere on this earth far away don't know when i can meet her, the last time i saw you was probably the last day of us in Badlishah and that was so centuries ago..

Dolly, in my image you appear with your lip-gloss*or Vaseline* and a Cleo magazine.

Nuzul, with a pencil and a paper drafting a comic for me*i miss your stories!* or listing manga to bring for some boring events at school.

ohh i miss you girls a lot!!


  1. my god erris gndut..beautifully written...ol is true..and damn i miss those moments....

  2. okay Dolly, long time no hear you call me gendut :)