Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dolly my dearest~

it was one sunny day the time we first met
i know that if i ask Nuzul she'll remember too
you know what was the first syllable
i heard from you?
'hye' with a wave of hand
and you told us to call you Dolly
i was like___what? dolly???
yeah, right! that was the very first meeting
outside the teachers room back door
were you with Nuzul or someone else?
seriously i'll have to ask Nuzul if she remembers

but then as time flies we just get along
we were in the naughtiest class
and our class did have
the most chinese students
whick left us as the least malay students
somehow leading to the
naughtiest, troublesome class
and then began the episodes of
me bullying you
although with fun but sometime
a little pity is felt
seriously, poor Dolly!
i only want to remember moments
of me bullying you
well, it happen that's the one
fun to remembered

during sport teachers would be happy to see you
a tall one should run fast/long jump
but you would only disappointing them
as you arrive last on running
and only slightly jump like a bunny
hehehehe i don't know how i remember that

and then......
i can't recall right now
but i can say cosmetics and magazines
and sometimes handphone? though prohibited
maybe with a touch of gossips
i know you loves gossip right???

and with wonder how we end up at the same
high school again~
seriously, i thought i don't have to look at you already
but fate says otherwise
and somehow we end up breaking the rules together
but nobody can ever beat my room status
"most WANTED" room!
who can ask for more? *duhh, i don't want it anymore
and i remember you took my andrew matthews book
the one title 'how to be a happy teenager'
and i didn't even knew you took it
until i saw it at your room!
good one Dolly
and btw, did you have a reindeer pants?
hee~ i know i miss you a lot Dolly

so let me wish you
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friend
have a nice and fantastic day
hope the best for you
may Allah bless you
and remember that He's always with us
enjoy your life with meanings
with lots of love

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Memories that are forgotten

sometimes i just miss you
and i'll be reminded
of memories that you may have forgotten
i still have your first letter
that newspaper article is in 'memories box'
and your picture is still in my diary
i always think on what will happen
if we were to met somewhere, someday
and i can't imagine my reaction
on that unbelievable day
i like to see your picture
just to look at you
and that would be enough
with a smile forming on my face

Aeris ER.

Monday, January 9, 2012


really really really love the series
feel like want to repeat repeat repeat
watching it now
just love love love
seeing lee sin and gyu won
at first was laughing laughing laughing
and smiling smiling smiling
up to 5 in the morning
and then later on
was crying crying crying
up till the end of story
it was very very very sad
my blanket was wet wet wet
*sob sob sob

*hee~ somehow while i was typing, suddenly remembered how gyu won write her reflection^^

Sunday, January 8, 2012

life=weird=just gorgeous

its weird how the person who can make you smile in a second can also make you down again in the next second

its weird how the person you most trusted often become the one who betray you

its weird how the person who you want to get rid most will probably become the one by your side in times of need

its weird when you tell yourself never to care about that someone again yet silently you know what happen to them always

its weird how you say you'll never care but deep inside how can you not care

its weird how just seeing that someone picture when you miss that someone is quite enough

its weird how you once said you'll hate that someone forever and in the end you somehow ended smiling whenever remembering that someone

its weird when the moments you spent crying like idiot is now some sweet memories with melodies

its weird when every time you said you'll never do it because you know the consequences and later you said to yourself 'i told you not to do it, see what happens now!'

life is just full of weirdness, and it's up to us to just smile and enjoy it!
oh, whatever life is for if not it, just gorgeous~

Aeris ER.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


it really feels great
when meeting an old friend back
its simply simple
old grudge are forgotten
stories are exchange
memories remembered
and you just continue
from wherever you once stop
isn't friendship a wonderful thing

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

that smile of yours

i miss that smile
the one you gave
whenever we meet
and you smile
as if i'm the only one there
when the truth is, everyone notices
and seeing that smile only
will light up my day
and make everything
a lot whole better
i miss your smile

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dream~ not so sweet..

Sometimes after i dream something, i try to think what it means. Dream that is of course not of those that i can discard as just some nightmare/not useful to remember of/those that makes my sleep sleepless....

I had this weird dream where i'm running from someone, and i do know that someone... it's just, why did he suddenly appear out of the blue. In real life it is true i'm running, but why oh why did he appear somewhere i don't want him to, as doing so makes me think why the hell is he in my dream?