Sunday, January 8, 2012

life=weird=just gorgeous

its weird how the person who can make you smile in a second can also make you down again in the next second

its weird how the person you most trusted often become the one who betray you

its weird how the person who you want to get rid most will probably become the one by your side in times of need

its weird when you tell yourself never to care about that someone again yet silently you know what happen to them always

its weird how you say you'll never care but deep inside how can you not care

its weird how just seeing that someone picture when you miss that someone is quite enough

its weird how you once said you'll hate that someone forever and in the end you somehow ended smiling whenever remembering that someone

its weird when the moments you spent crying like idiot is now some sweet memories with melodies

its weird when every time you said you'll never do it because you know the consequences and later you said to yourself 'i told you not to do it, see what happens now!'

life is just full of weirdness, and it's up to us to just smile and enjoy it!
oh, whatever life is for if not it, just gorgeous~

Aeris ER.

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