Monday, February 27, 2012

Love Sleeping.

The Worst

“It just hurts so badly sometimes. Sometimes it feels like you’re being thrown into a train track, but the train only hits your heart. Continuously. Over and over again. Without failure.”
Maybe my heart’s too weak. There’s just this feeling, thought I had to get going… got too scary, got too big, got to get out of here. But now I don’t know how to get home.
Memories just linger and don’t seem to go away. Why can’t I be happier?  The confusion I’m feeling now won’t disappear over night, but someway, somehow, everything will be alright.
c/o: Uncomfortable soul

Saturday, February 25, 2012

In between

what happens when you regret something
that is unlikely to be reversed
when you became the hostess
and you let them know each other

how would you know
that it will cause you pain
out of your own doing

how did it come that after
you introduce them
they became close
and you are left out

as you watch from afar
and you realize that perhaps
this was what you were suppose to do
as you walk away with a smile
with a hidden pain inside your heart

~mood: awan kupu-kupu by ashihara hinako:applied to self

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Conversation between us~

started reading about 0015hours on February 10th
finish it about 0500hours on February12th


all the feelings i had while reading
and i just can't describe the story
don't know what to think of first
it was truly the first roller coaster ride
with all the emotions
but it wasn't a roller coaster with shouts
it was gasped because of shocked
flinched because of betrayal
cried because of pure sadness, the love exist
murderous, but after some thought, i just feel sorry
of course, simply happiness when april love black coffee
and now everytime i drink my coffee
i'm going to remember

Questions is part of life~

what does it take to forget those dreams that you once dream ever since you were still a kid?

what does it take to forget the dreams that might not be able to come true?

what does it take not to feel angry when you heard someone with the dreams you had or even worse, all of your dreams?

what does it take to know that your childhood is ruined?

what does it take to have certain things to just fade away with the wind?

what does it take to completely removed you from my thought?

what does it take to not gaped when i see how many admires you actually have? *okay ignore this*

what does it take to flinch when i heard your name? 

what does it take to just forget and live on?

Aeris ER.

i know there are certain things not to ask
and that i have to accept
God have made our life lovingly
give me a path where others would love
and still i have to asked

i must accept that this is the best one
i have choose it and must live it
and this is the one God had prepared
at the end of the day
forget all that brings pain
and treasure those that bring smile
and start a new day
with a smile and a hope
that this will be the best life i'm going to live!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

miss that little girl~

as you grow up
trying to be so independent
wanting to do everything on your own
and claiming you're not a little girl anymore
what a grown up~

sometimes there will still be a moment
where you want to be that little girl again
and after some thought, you'll realize that
you'll always be a little girl to that special two..