Sunday, March 11, 2012

I've decided, it will all be just a dream...

it was at that sudden moment
i finally realized what is really happening
i have just woke up from a dream
and i know that reality is to be face
although hard but life must go on

at that moment something stirred
deep in my heart where it ached all this time
all those aches are gonna be just dream
the tears will be something unnoticed
your things will be put away
and the sweet and sour dream will become a memory

you'll no longer be in reality
dream and reality does not merge, dear..
at that moment, at an unexpected junction
i made up my mind

goodbye to the dream I've been living in
and now, i'm gonna wake up...

Aeris ER.
that moment when i was far from here, at a very far place,
where i finally feel the need to let go

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