Tuesday, May 15, 2012

*Flash* camera roll-ing..

fact: this is about the evolution of photography

this all start when that person got a panic attack!
everyone seem to have seen her picture
which she claimed was ugly and she's embarrassed
to which i say, it's cute actually
nope ----- that answer was never accepted!

so we had this sudden outburst
this is all because of the high technology
with the superb camera and thus, photographing is everywhere
garrhhh! SUDDEN realization!

that time when we use that old camera:
there was no candid!
all photo were properly taken!
there will be no repeated snap!
maybe someone to say 1, 2, 3, cheese! *flash*

how many photos have we taken?
--> counting in mind, one roll 36, already take 19, left with....17 more!
the film to buy at shop, kodak? konica?
after finish the film, got to go to the shop back!
what photo size do you want? 4R? 3R? 5R?
and the price for buying the film and sending to process the film...

so  has the way technology change things brings more good??
-----in the thinking mood-----

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