Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stupid headache!

i have exam in 32 hours..
open my blog and realize since it automatically change to it's new interface
which i had dreaded for a long time
my template is gone!
my lovely most love template
i forgot where i took it
i know it start with 's' but i forgot the name
other sites template wasn't for my liking
after searching for 2 hours
luckily this one blog gave it's link
i saw scrappin
and so gone another hour to try and compromise with the new blogger template
that i still need to synchronize
well, at the moment this is what I've got
i'll edit next time
for now i need to do an adrenaline rush
and sacrifice three hours sleep for the unneeded moments with blogger
to study for my exam which is 29 hours from now..
*simply can't leave my blog looking ugly*
will update on cousins and family insya-Allah

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Almost Lover~

music in the background: A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover

you walk away, long time ago
but only now did i realized
that you've left me, with hope
you went with that angelic face
telling me advise that made me remember
and never appear again after that

so I've tried to be over it
and i'm no more a kiwi freak
I've forgotten that sour love
instead i'm now addicted to banana
an awesome flavour of life
a start of a new chapter

so goodbye to that old story
it's a memory,, but memories can always be tucked in
in a small box deep under the bed
and only once in a blue-moon would i take it out
smile and reminiscing as i remembered
but after that it will all go back into the box

with that, I've pieced up all
the memories, into a perfect chapter
but new chapters will come
and continue the story of my life
with that, i'll be going
so long my almost lover

Aeris ER.
Mrs. Banana