Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stupid headache!

i have exam in 32 hours..
open my blog and realize since it automatically change to it's new interface
which i had dreaded for a long time
my template is gone!
my lovely most love template
i forgot where i took it
i know it start with 's' but i forgot the name
other sites template wasn't for my liking
after searching for 2 hours
luckily this one blog gave it's link
i saw scrappin
and so gone another hour to try and compromise with the new blogger template
that i still need to synchronize
well, at the moment this is what I've got
i'll edit next time
for now i need to do an adrenaline rush
and sacrifice three hours sleep for the unneeded moments with blogger
to study for my exam which is 29 hours from now..
*simply can't leave my blog looking ugly*
will update on cousins and family insya-Allah

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