Monday, October 1, 2012

Weddings on tow

when the moments comes
the first wedding in the family-our generation
and it's two people at a time!
voila! two sisters at the same wedding
*sigh* there goes two of them

well, the time has indeed arrive
when the once kids playing around
fighting and snarling and crying
is starting to get married
once one does, others will follow soon

and when the grand wedding is in making
the uncle and aunt give plans and ideas
on how to prepare in this short period
and here i sit with another cousin
giggling at how adorable the situation is

then questions to others will come out
when will be their turn
well, focus on this one first will you, tee-hee
even though this would mean farewell in some way
but this is going to be a new chapter of our family

Keluarga Abu, all the best, may we have Allah's blessing in everything

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