Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An Auspicious Reunion: February 16 and 17

awesome moments crafted at Janda Baik
even with only 9 of us
the joy of being together again is there

although 4 years has passed
we continue to be just like before
it's just how friends are

we resume joking with each others
playing prank among us
bring up the old nicknames
reminding old memories
not to forget whispering the latest gossip

it was really fun
and just being together with them
friends that knows the true you
the you who can be yourself
is really a moment worth everything!

Day 1
prologue: main event, jump into the river!

our rooms facing the beautiful river :)

the journey to the waterfall

the boys wanted a big waterfall that can fall on their head 
and this is what they get, LOL

ainaa who's not jumping in says hi!

a battle of the tallest stack of stones. 
notice nikmad behind there so lonely :(

and the winner is.....

waiting for bbq dinner

man, who are you texting with?

faiz and nabil 

nabil and nikmad

playing the ever adrenaline rush of truth or dare.. 
man and mus chose dare :)


    karaoke time!
mus who claimed to not know any malay songs ended singing
(or was it screaming?) 
"janganlah engkau khianati cinta ini!!!!!"

day 2
eating time! we have to line up, pick up our plate after eating, 
and the tables arrangement, 
so reminding us of the 'dewan makan' back in kp..

at the entrance of Hawa resort.
and where's the Adam? :)

my favorite picture of all. 
just CAN-NOT stop noticing 
the cheerful expression on everyone's face^^

only three siblings of homeroom 2..

while homeroom 1 came with six of us^^

the boys :)
nikmad's attempt to be the tallest..
 did he succeed?

us girls :)

behind our cute colorful cottages. 
the names of our rooms were buloh, nangka, manggis, 
sakai , sentul and can't recall the other one..

mus attempt to do a heart with his hand :)

i just love the arrangement :)
erissa, anis, farhana, and ainaa capturing the moment

oh yeah,, mission accomplished!!

epilogue: time to go back
anticipating the next awesome reunion!!

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