Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friday Night Blues

it's already Saturday
since i haven't sleep let's assume
it's Friday

life have gone better
with still the ever scary merry
1st ProExam staring at my face

letting go of the past
staring at the future
feeling the present

life does have it's up and down
it's us who keep looking up
and never forget there's something down

even when i realize that bigger things are waiting
at least i can smile now
thanking for this exact moment

the ever magnificent gift God gaved
this life and all that it brings
a chance to see the world He created

i guess the simple thing is that
forget what is to forget
and embrace that is to embrace

let's prepare for another good day
a perfect life
tomorrow :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Epilogue

I can finally look
and stare
while smiling
and really meant it :)

Aeris ER.

and i'm loving this new freedom^^

Friday, March 1, 2013

Beautiful sunshine!

the sky looks so blue
with cute fluffy clouds here and there
the wind blows, giving my hair a nice breeze
the sun shining through the cloud, giving life to the earth
trees and flowers dancing
to the glee of such shine
in a corner, a squirrel scurried quickly
looking for an acorn maybe for its breakfast
i look around and felt that everything is just perfect and beautiful
i can feel my spirit surge up
and i know it

yeah! i can't wait to start my life again!
yosh!!! :)

Aeris ER.
Physiology lecture

This time, it's real.

i think
the time has come
where i won't feel sadness clutching my heart again
every time image crosses my mind

i feel
the moment is here
that i can finally go on
without holding on to that old piece of memory

i can hear
the surge of happiness flowing at high rush
for leaving behind a shadow long attached
finally i can leave it alone in the darkness

and surrounding me now, is the light

Aeris ER.
Anatomy lecture