Thursday, April 18, 2013

Avant Garde Grand Dinner 2.0

in my eye and mind i was Morgana in the series Merlin
in others eye i'm a princess as what almost others are
this is the conflict when you need to dress up like a tv character
and being modest, i can't really be
that sexy and beautiful Katie McGrath that plays Morgana....

but i had fun with the foods
which only proves i'm a food maniac
foods image will be added when i get a hand of them
meanwhile, behold, the AVANT GARDIANS!!

Finally i manage to wake up from laziness and got the piccies already. so here goes. i'll just continue as i am so lazy to edit anything above :)

the arrival
spotted a masquerade, kimono and Rosalinda :)

Vendetta is here
with his followers!!!

 the witch had dropped by

seems that red riding hood came to had a meal

well, that's the best actor chosen
we have two harimau malaya fans on the left :)

Mary Poppins and Dr House

these are veges, good for your health!

fruits. again, very good for a healthy conscious person!
*nope, i'm searching for something else*

bread pudding and strawberries!
i'm having the best of my time :)

Le roommates ^^

Monday, April 15, 2013

Moving through the phase: letting go

somehow finally talk to a person
whom i really want to talk to
about this someone
who's in my heart for a long time now

maybe all this time
it was wrong for me to keep it all in
and make my heart ache for no reason
instead of letting it all out

i realize this is another step
for me to really let go
and i feel a little sad
that it's actually going to end... soon

should i put your card in the dustbin?
or keep it in my memory box?