Thursday, April 18, 2013

Avant Garde Grand Dinner 2.0

in my eye and mind i was Morgana in the series Merlin
in others eye i'm a princess as what almost others are
this is the conflict when you need to dress up like a tv character
and being modest, i can't really be
that sexy and beautiful Katie McGrath that plays Morgana....

but i had fun with the foods
which only proves i'm a food maniac
foods image will be added when i get a hand of them
meanwhile, behold, the AVANT GARDIANS!!

Finally i manage to wake up from laziness and got the piccies already. so here goes. i'll just continue as i am so lazy to edit anything above :)

the arrival
spotted a masquerade, kimono and Rosalinda :)

Vendetta is here
with his followers!!!

 the witch had dropped by

seems that red riding hood came to had a meal

well, that's the best actor chosen
we have two harimau malaya fans on the left :)

Mary Poppins and Dr House

these are veges, good for your health!

fruits. again, very good for a healthy conscious person!
*nope, i'm searching for something else*

bread pudding and strawberries!
i'm having the best of my time :)

Le roommates ^^

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