Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Love and Rain~

Finally, the rain drops stop, and i looked outside the window to made sure. It feels so suffocating, after so long being inside, closed and trapped, that once the rain stop, i rush to open the door and step outside. 

The first thing i noticed was the rain droplets on the bright green grass, looking so much like the pearls that twinkle in vain. I heard the birds singing chirpily, finally able to return to their family after being stranded while waiting for the rain. I watch as two squirrels quarried along quickly on the lawn towards the big oak tree. I saw the granny that live across the road opened the window with a smile of finally able to breathe fresh air. 

My heart quelled and i smiled. I can finally feel the freedom i long dream of ever since knowing him that is now my past. I ran to the lawn and twirled around on the grass bare feet. I have never felt so much life inside of me. It was as if i have just arrive to this wonderful world. I look up and i gasped at what i saw. It was the most beautiful rainbow ever! It's color so vibrant, as if celebrating the happiness contained inside me. 

A bird of magnificent combination of color ever was flying in circle, trying to run away from a blue bird that probably just wanted a play-mate. The clouds were as fluffy as marshmallow that i lie down on the wet grass to stare at them, and i saw so many things in them. At the left side there was a unicorn and a dolphin, looking at each other. Quite far to the right was an elephant standing on a giant ball perhaps, like in the circus. 

I noticed a penguin maybe just right there when i heard someone call my name. I got up and turn to the road and saw a handsome stranger. You were there just smiling at me and i felt as if everything has just been perfected. Your voice was like an enchanted music that made me want to hear it all the time. I was interested yet i was being careful. Then from inside my house somebody called, telling it's time to go in. Being me, even though i wanted to wait for you to come and sit with me on the grass, i went in, unwillingly.

I just step through the door but all i can think off was you. I wanted to rush out back while you were there but i couldn't. As i walk deeper into the house, i know I've left my heart with you and i should have at least ask your name.

I walk out from the house, through a different door, but i know you are not there anymore. I'm missing you. I think of your smile and imagine your voice every day. Where are you?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A sad morning

i just finished reading a short story. during family day in PD the wife found the husband with his cousin together on the floor, misunderstood and didn't believe that it was an accident that they trip over each other. she was mad and at home she keeps herself away from the husband. the husband's a pilot, and this time she didn't send him to the airport. the day he was suppose to arrive back, the cousin call to tell her that her husband had an accident. she didn't believe, thinking it was some plot to coax her. and after midnight early morning her mother in-law called to tell her he's dead.

at that point i screamed with stress. it was the second story i read tonight that there's someone dies after accident.

anyway after settled the funerals and all, she went back with her mother in-law, she entered her husband room before marrying her. there was a small section with her photos with words of 'i love u' and 'i think my i like my bro in-law sis already'. she was actually his brother in-law sister, both the brother and sister tried to match make them, and left a will for them to marry when they died in car accident.

and the cousin who was found in that inconvenient situation at the family day came in and told her that her husband really loves her from their first meeting. the cousin was not satisfied that she didn't trust her husband, that it was an accident. then she pass her her husband hand-phone  in the message box, an unfinished message, probably just before the accident, wrote, "Dear.. wait for me.. I lo........"

and i really cried. well, it's not right for her to not believe her husband and treat her husband coldly after that. and then it was the last time she saw him. and even when the cousin called telling about the accident she didn't believe it still. basically, being a wife, you can't be to easy to get envy, and you have to believe your husband, even if it's hard, seriously! okay, maybe at least hear him out first.

and that leads me, what happens if i'm the wife. how would i react when i'm face with that situation? the exact same? and will i be strong knowing i can't apologize ever? guess i'm not ready yet to get married. ha-ha.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Read it again, May i?

So it's now May and me, somehow in the library was lured by a mysterious call to go to the room filled with some novels. I've read almost all Judith McNaught's but i love each and every one of them. Somehow i can't quite remember how the story goes in Double Standard and i pick it up, trying to fill the time before rushing to Dr. Emad's lecture.

being Miss Romance Addicted, i was falling into the story again, being reluctant to left the book realizing that i need to move to get in time for the lecture, i decided to borrowed it.

and i finished it before midnight as i had lecture in the evening and some shopping spree. and i love how i completely love this story again. let's just say almost anything by Judith's is in my genre.

i sure remember that my wish once was that when i grew up and i finally had my little own vintage library set up, i'm gonna buy all Judith's novels!

p/s: i think it was 'Once and Always' that i first read Judith's~ hmmm....
me sitting like Winnie The Pooh holding my head saying think, think, think!

Its Aprilynne Month!

It's April and the novels i happen to read this month happen to be written by an author with also the name April. Nice! The series goes like this: Wings, Spells, Wild and finally Destined. So i had the second and third book of a series by this author Aprilynne Pike. Naturally, i bought the book because the cover was charming and it's about fairies ! So i start to read the second book, Spells some time last year but only in April this year did i finally start to run in the race and finally finished it.

now that i'm done with Spells, i'm into the story and quickly pick up the third, Wild.

and amazingly, with some hope in the absence of my mind, i found the first book, Wing accidently at the Big Bad Wolf bookfair before i even end Wild. 

being me, i like to search about the author and find out more about the series or perhaps other interesting stories. imagine my surprised when i found out that there is another fourth one, while i still haven't finish Wild yet. and yes, the sadness of knowing the story won't end yet materialized.

i guess it's destined that i'm forever stuck to buying series and later on having that usual frustration when knowing when i reach the end of book the story has not ended. reminded me when i read Hunger Games. i stayed up in front of the toilet on the floor to get light till three in the morning only to reach the end knowing it wasn't the end. i loves series. only when i have the next in line, in my hand right after i close the book.