Saturday, May 11, 2013

Its Aprilynne Month!

It's April and the novels i happen to read this month happen to be written by an author with also the name April. Nice! The series goes like this: Wings, Spells, Wild and finally Destined. So i had the second and third book of a series by this author Aprilynne Pike. Naturally, i bought the book because the cover was charming and it's about fairies ! So i start to read the second book, Spells some time last year but only in April this year did i finally start to run in the race and finally finished it.

now that i'm done with Spells, i'm into the story and quickly pick up the third, Wild.

and amazingly, with some hope in the absence of my mind, i found the first book, Wing accidently at the Big Bad Wolf bookfair before i even end Wild. 

being me, i like to search about the author and find out more about the series or perhaps other interesting stories. imagine my surprised when i found out that there is another fourth one, while i still haven't finish Wild yet. and yes, the sadness of knowing the story won't end yet materialized.

i guess it's destined that i'm forever stuck to buying series and later on having that usual frustration when knowing when i reach the end of book the story has not ended. reminded me when i read Hunger Games. i stayed up in front of the toilet on the floor to get light till three in the morning only to reach the end knowing it wasn't the end. i loves series. only when i have the next in line, in my hand right after i close the book.

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