Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Love and Rain~

Finally, the rain drops stop, and i looked outside the window to made sure. It feels so suffocating, after so long being inside, closed and trapped, that once the rain stop, i rush to open the door and step outside. 

The first thing i noticed was the rain droplets on the bright green grass, looking so much like the pearls that twinkle in vain. I heard the birds singing chirpily, finally able to return to their family after being stranded while waiting for the rain. I watch as two squirrels quarried along quickly on the lawn towards the big oak tree. I saw the granny that live across the road opened the window with a smile of finally able to breathe fresh air. 

My heart quelled and i smiled. I can finally feel the freedom i long dream of ever since knowing him that is now my past. I ran to the lawn and twirled around on the grass bare feet. I have never felt so much life inside of me. It was as if i have just arrive to this wonderful world. I look up and i gasped at what i saw. It was the most beautiful rainbow ever! It's color so vibrant, as if celebrating the happiness contained inside me. 

A bird of magnificent combination of color ever was flying in circle, trying to run away from a blue bird that probably just wanted a play-mate. The clouds were as fluffy as marshmallow that i lie down on the wet grass to stare at them, and i saw so many things in them. At the left side there was a unicorn and a dolphin, looking at each other. Quite far to the right was an elephant standing on a giant ball perhaps, like in the circus. 

I noticed a penguin maybe just right there when i heard someone call my name. I got up and turn to the road and saw a handsome stranger. You were there just smiling at me and i felt as if everything has just been perfected. Your voice was like an enchanted music that made me want to hear it all the time. I was interested yet i was being careful. Then from inside my house somebody called, telling it's time to go in. Being me, even though i wanted to wait for you to come and sit with me on the grass, i went in, unwillingly.

I just step through the door but all i can think off was you. I wanted to rush out back while you were there but i couldn't. As i walk deeper into the house, i know I've left my heart with you and i should have at least ask your name.

I walk out from the house, through a different door, but i know you are not there anymore. I'm missing you. I think of your smile and imagine your voice every day. Where are you?

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