Saturday, May 11, 2013

Read it again, May i?

So it's now May and me, somehow in the library was lured by a mysterious call to go to the room filled with some novels. I've read almost all Judith McNaught's but i love each and every one of them. Somehow i can't quite remember how the story goes in Double Standard and i pick it up, trying to fill the time before rushing to Dr. Emad's lecture.

being Miss Romance Addicted, i was falling into the story again, being reluctant to left the book realizing that i need to move to get in time for the lecture, i decided to borrowed it.

and i finished it before midnight as i had lecture in the evening and some shopping spree. and i love how i completely love this story again. let's just say almost anything by Judith's is in my genre.

i sure remember that my wish once was that when i grew up and i finally had my little own vintage library set up, i'm gonna buy all Judith's novels!

p/s: i think it was 'Once and Always' that i first read Judith's~ hmmm....
me sitting like Winnie The Pooh holding my head saying think, think, think!

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