Saturday, June 29, 2013

60 seconds

music in my head
Kim Sung Gyu - 60 seconds

sometimes when i think of him
it amazes me of how easy life seems to be after i let him go
and i realize my feelings were no longer with him a long time ago
it was just me, reluctant to let him go

my heart couldn't bear to give up all the moments
it was the memory of us that kept me holding on
i can't imagine another story like us
but then i didn't like the end either

you were there then
but you didn't stay
at times i think back of you
but i'll tucked u back in a box

i am moving on
so promise me that when we meet again
you won't bring up our story
and maybe pretend it had never occur

because i don't think i can even face you at all...

Aeris ER.
just a 60 second thinking of memory

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