Friday, June 14, 2013

A story of them

a group of 11 people starts off not quite knowing each other, having no idea what they were doing talking about clinical symptoms and the disease, not wanting anything more than the end of the boring discussion.

their boredom flew once a camera appears

however, after 2 years, with awesome doctors giving insights on how to actually conduct the beautiful sessions, teaching them to learn and benefit to the full from this session by getting a feel of being in a hospital later, they became to actually enjoy the sessions and the thought of finally ending the long and bored sessions somehow made them feel sad.

*no image here, too busy holding tears and sobs, hehehe*

it seems that the moments they spent together aren't enough yet and they were only getting to know each other.

just look at their faces

yes, they are a family with different personalities

but their journey is still far ahead, and they have to move together even if in a different route.

the absolute thing is, their mission is the same! that one final destination, where they will all be able to finally own their title!

for all the Doctors to-be

for them who end up loving each other. ganbatte kudasai PBL group 1. they will always be No. 1!

they will make it!

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