Saturday, September 14, 2013

Marriage Maybe?

this one conversation with my awesomeness about marriage where we both agree that with marriage comes with various responsibilities or simpler, problems ahead!!! as with a mother in law annndddd, well the rest is history....

so we were talking about marriage, and he said he'll let his younger brother marry first, cause he wants to do many other things first, or maybe ...

he: or maybe we can do as Aunt Venice said

me: yeah,, the one even her mother wouldn't let her finish talking
(our Aunt Venice said if by 35 she's not married she never wants to get married. but she'll have a child. so her mom ask well, why? you won't even know the child's father, to which she replied, "well, that could be arranged..." ) basically aunt Venice mom was saying by adoption u won't know the daddy, but when she said the last sentence, well, think naughty!!!

he: we don't have to get married. we'll just have one child each. me a daughter and you a son. and my daughter will have your name

that was seriously unexpected. i mean, my name for his daughter? i know he once told he wants this one name for his daughter, which is already near my name, but hearing this, it was all i can do not to be 'awww..... that's very sweet and i couldn't have love you better' which of course i did not do.

i point out another topic and move on to hide the embarrassment and happiness dwelling inside :)

i hope we'll always be besties :)

Aeris ER.
Zenith 15th floor corridor

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