Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tick Tock Make A Choice

i scroll down his twitter page
like i usually do
my hand always itching to reply
to let him know i'm here

i don't understand what happen to our relationship
we had good and fun conversation
and i miss those so damn much

and then i think
maybe if i we can just resume our relationship
even if it's just friends

so i take a step
i can't believe i take it!
my heart is pumping...

and then i paused

should i?
or should i not?

i don't want to risk you knowing
knowing how much you hurt me

i don't want to give you that satisfaction
or even the knowledge of it

so i walk back
and erase the path

Aeris ER.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

You never know when the monster will appear!

the sky is blue
and the wind is blowing softly
birds are singing
while the trees dance to the music

i woke up
with a hope of a new day
to smile and soar above

but i'm fragile
i get mad easily
and once u touch that part of me
i'm a monster the whole day

i'm nice, if you're nice to me
i'm fun, if i find u fun to hang with
i'm talkative, if i find u my friend
i'm caring, if you're worth it

but then
if you made me mad, i'll be a monster
i'll be so quiet you won't hear my voice
and once the volcano erupt
you'll wish you only knew my nice part

Aeris ER.
mumbling me

Friday, October 4, 2013

Crazy Outing

the day starts with a stressful event
real stressful i can feel the migraine coming
like the strike of lightning
before a heavy rain

as i think of what to do back in room
a novel caught my eye
and it became interesting
that i finished it within about 3 hours

my CJ7 accompanying me reading

Dila text asking if i'm free
she said about eating cake this evening
the thought of when's her birthday suddenly arise in my brain
as i open facebook and saw the notification!

so with Dila and Wanie
had an early dinner at Secret Recipe
plus did some crazy shopping
when two of us has a meeting

by the way, Happy Birthday Dila!

yeah, i like craziness in life
they are the people that i can be along with
aside from that, i don't really find it fun meeting people
which is weird considering i have to see patients every single day

anyway the story of that fling came out
as we listen to Anuar Zain's
wonder what he's doing now?

Aeris ER.
sitting on my bed. backache!