Saturday, November 23, 2013

Maybe Someday

i found this wonderful words hanging on the wall at surgical clinic at Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital, and it was completely pointing at me while i was reading it

Maybe someday
you'll start living every day true to the best that is within you and seriously pursue your most treasured dreams.

Maybe someday
you'll stop holding back and live the richness of every moment and show the world who you really are.

Maybe someday
you'll explore the best of those possibilities that you know in your heart are there.

Maybe someday
you'll see how truly beautiful life can be and understand that nothing can hold you back.

Maybe someday
you'll wake up, see how useless most of your worries have been and stop letting others hold you back.

Maybe someday
you'll decide that your life cannot wait any longer and you'll wonder why you ever waited so long to start living.

Maybe someday you'll decide to go for it.

Maybe someday is coming.

Maybe someday will be sooner than you think.

Maybe someday is here.

Maybe someday is today!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Being Crazy to Lure Your Soul

ever felt as if your soul has gone somewhere
and it's refusing to come back to your body?

your body's so empty inside soul-less
you feel like you want to just lie down and never get up

you need to do something real crazy quick
to lure your soul to come back to your body

need to prove that this is it's best chance
and it better come back fast

so you go all crazy and went shopping without thinking
as when you're soul-less, you don't think normally

and when your soul returned
you realized finally with your brain intact

that you've just SPEND A LOT AND YOU'RE NOW BROKE!

so i went for a walk and look what ended up in my handbag.

nope. not the mickey mouse. he's been with me since forever.
till today i don't understand how that mustache 
purse got into my handbag. i was influence by my cousin!
she's the one with mustache thingy....

it's a ring!!
can u guys see the dove?

and here another birdie!
i thought it looked quite vintage, and they
can join my other exotic earrings collection

Aeris ER.
on K.Ecah bed
sometime at night