Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sometimes... make it anytime.

how many best friends out there who actually have feelings for one another? how many boyfriend who had fallen for his girlfriend best friend? how many married couples out there that actually love another when they married? how many people out there who are with one other but love another?

don't these all just make it sound ridiculous?

and yet it happen. one doesn't realize that that best friend had been loving herself or himself all this time, how else did they get along so well? boyfriends fell for the girlfriend's best friend, cliche and cruel but so happen! forced to marry some other when your heart held another, the life of a poor girl story. and yes just so many other situation.

we might not realize who actually love us and sometimes also we do not realize who we actually love. they say love is complicated, isn't it?

and sometimes, when a best friend relationship is too good, people wonder have we fallen in love. sometimes it is, sometimes it's just the perfect chemistry. or sometimes they simply know they have to keep it at being best friend as there's something stopping them to fall in love with each other.

well, it seem sometimes this bizarre love situation occurs......wait a sec, make it anytime :)

Aeris ER.
a scandalous picture

Monday, December 30, 2013

An Insight of Medical Student

one watch in awe of the medical students so diligently doing ward rounds even at the odd hour. I've seen them this morning and they come at night too!? they said. so the students went around clerking, documenting the patients history, checking their physicals while eyeing up procedures.

one student was taking a patients blood for culture one night, scooping up all courage as it's been a month's time since. for the concern of the father towards his son the student let him watch. another try to engage the patient in a conversation to relax him.

as the student carefully finds his vein and prepared to take the blood, the mother arrive. her eagles eyes zoom in and had to comment loudly how the doctor hands shook. the student deafened her ears in hope she only have to this once. nobody wants to hurt the patient any more than they had to. so slowly, the student noted the most prominent vein and proceed to take his blood, forcing blood to come out in that one single syringe.

the procedure was successful. the hands were still shaking as the blood were into the respectful bottles. the mother again had to comment on how the hands were still shaking. then she said to the other students everything have been asked go and read the file. so the two students quickly scurried away after thanking the patient and wishing him good night.

they did the procedure as to let the patient experienced minimal pain. she only had to puncture the vein once and no repeating error was done. she asked about the patient well being and was told to go and read the file. only students and sometimes housemen get to ask patient thorough-ly and these are important to determine the patients problem. they come to hospitals and yet when doctors or medical students comes they get mad and angry.

and here the medical students wondered why do they want to take these jobs that give out their all for the patients and still get yell at. why? why? why? they still wonders. maybe one day, they'll stop wonder and stop from taking this honorable life.

Aeris ER.
on bed.
documenting a made-up story :(