Thursday, February 13, 2014

Internal Medicine Post-mortem

I was relieved that i got a dengue case but at the same time i know i'm dead because i didn't read about infection. Only listened to what investigation to be done to confirm dengue, listed by Azi as i drive just that morning, shivering with fear of the deadly exam.

I got a great patient, very helpful and kind. And i think i got everything well for her history. Until Dr Nik Noon came. She took a patient's table and told me to find a chair. Doctor was already sitting and told me to sit down and take the other side of the table. She's so nice.

And then she got mad, haha. She said the way i present was so scattered and said "Tu la, kelas aku kau tak datang". And i'm here trying to calm down my palpitation and whisper in my heart, "saya datang la doktor T_T". Anyway, i still think doctor is very very kind. Sorry doctor for not reading such a common case. Okay, my fault, i admit.

Anyway, the atmosphere while waiting outside the ward, some waiting for short case, some already done, some looking for their examiners. There were too many reactions, crying, trying to hug and kiss the wall, banging their head, drop dead on the floor, heads between their knee and just standing there waiting, face grey with sorrow.

My short case wasn't any better. His liver was enlarged, and later found out he had pitting edema. And instead of liver pathology, he had nephrotic syndrome? This is so fun, plus the fact i forget the one thing to complete the triad.

At the end of the exam, they start to say, "Galak lagi nak blajaq medic!". Hahaha, that is like playing in everyone's mind. Each of us wants to finish this, and yet  the journey is so tiring and often gets too unbearable.

But at the end of the day, everyone still wants to get up and fight. We've started this war, and we are not going back until it's done. Hopefully.

ready or not....
i'm going to see kiddies after this ^^

After i left the gloomy exam day at the hospital, I rush to Taman Gelora to meet my family after went back and packed my stuff. My aunt just said i'm still blanked and not over the past exam mood yet, stating me couldn't even smile. I love my aunt, she can be a best friend beside being a mother :)

And my sweet friend Qistina, gave this song to me, Rescue by Yuna. Thank you Qistina, you always know there's something wrong whenever you hear weird noise from my compartment, hahaha.

She said a little prayer, she found herself.
Yeah she's got light in her face,
she don't need no rescuing she's okay.
Yeah, she's got life in her veins,
she don't need no rescuing she's okay.
No SOS needed, no rescuing, she's fine out there.

in my lonely room in Kulim
don't understand myself

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