Saturday, February 8, 2014

Latte and scones

the breezy wind is attempting to make my scarf fly
bees are buzzing around looking for flowers to suck on their sweetness
lovers are walking around holding each others hand smiling
guess it's a great day, and the weather is perfect

i make sure my scarf is still intact as i look around the cafe sipping my latte
my attention was captured by an elderly couple sitting near the entrance
they were smiling at each other, enjoying their tea with scones and cream and jam
i look at them and wonder how can they be so happy

they had a challenging life
their first born had a rare illness and only lived for 4 months
their second and third child killed by a murderer at a camp site
they've separated, because they can't stand to watch each other
and be reminded of their babies no longer there
the old lady is now fighting her life after being told she had cancer
yet now, they stay together, side by side, smiling

they look so happy
as if nothing bad had ever happen to them

they've cried, and they've mourned
and now they move on with their life
enjoy what's left of what they had
holding each others hand, smiling
because they still have each other

because a happy life
is like when having scones for tea (:

Aeris ER.
staff room, Pediatric ward, HTAA

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