Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Bugsy^^

when almost everybody left the house and went to the lake to canoe
and i'm at home refusing to surrender myself to the heat on the lake
i eyed something fun to do...
time to bully that cutesy guinea pig!

well, i'm the forever bully
little kids, i won't stop till you cry
and animals, until i had enough of your googly eyes

at least i let you to run off freely on the grass you love to eat
me? no, i don't eat grass thank you (:

hehe, bet you can't jump off that bench now

swing swing swing!!
i think you feared this most!
*evil me!*

off into an aquarium
now Bugsy can go snorkeling^^

ever seen a guinea pig on a skateboard?
well, here's one!

and she even have her own car
yup, it's a she (:
go vroom vroom!

Aeris ER.
Cute animal bully *but with love!*
Maimunah musolla

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