Tuesday, February 4, 2014

That Complicated Relationship

"when we don't get what we want,
we search and wonder why we don't have it.
and when we have something,
we wonder why god gave us"

I have a 'friend' that i'm really close with. Some people expect us as a couple even though we are just some really close friend. Our relationship is something i seriously adore as i realized i won't have another relationship as such. *perhaps because we are bonded by blood?*

We don't text frequently as in every day but we can text each other at any time about anything. Like absolutely anything. When you get happy, excited, sad, mad or wanting to perform suicide, anytime, we can text each other about it, and we help each other to just forget, or laugh about it.

We can even talk about stupid things, or random things. Just things you wan't to share or laugh with. Just text each other, and we're good.

We talked about life a lot. How life is unfair to us, living in a life that has been planned by our parents and we are supposed to live it. How people around us act selfishly and we the kind people gets victimized. It's a cruel world out there. He fights or use them back, i have my migraines.

Anyway the think is, that made me think is complicated is that, i wonder if things between us will change one day when we each have the special someone. We  are so used to each other that i'm afraid i'll be worrying no one can understands him.

I get mad at him a lot! He just gets into trouble easily, not forgetting perhaps he may be creating some of it. He's just difficult for me to take sometimes, and whenever those times comes, i hide my phone under the pillow, so i won't curse and slash at him. Because seriously, sometimes, he just deserve it.

Even if i get mad at you a lot, burden you with ridiculous story of my life, where you'll wish you can just roll your eyes every time, you were always there to listen to anything i wanted to say, you will always get it what i want to tell and there might be no other person who can understand me as well as you. So even though you act like shit sometimes, i loves you, dearly and absolutely (:

Aeris ER.
finishing some moment drafted
Maimunah musolla

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