Sunday, February 16, 2014

When he walk away

A girl wearing a lovely red trench coat walk out from the hotel, a black Gucci handbag strap on her arm as her fingers busy typing something into her smart phone. She glance up, her lip neatly done with a bright red Chanel, her face pale, probably searching for something behind that Versace sun-glass.

A man walk towards her, giving a peck at her right cheek. She wasn't smiling, and it seems that she just stare at the man. The man starts to babble something as he tries to hold her hand. She quickly walk away, keeping her hands away from his grip. She starts to walk towards a limousine with the driver already waiting to open the door for her. The man walk with her and only look as she went inside the limousine. The driver close the door gently, get into the driver seat and drove away.

The man just stare at the limousine drove away, bringing the woman he love to the airport. Their story has reach it's end, and he's not trying to save it anymore.

He loves her, a lot, so much that he don't think he'll ever forget about her. But the amount of patience and energy he needed to make her stay with him, has now reach it's limit. They say let her go if she'll be happier that way, that you'll be happy watching her happy. He hopes so.

The man turn around and walk towards the direction he came, not realizing the limousine stop before the main road, and inside, the woman was watching him walk away, and tears streaked her pale face.

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