Friday, March 7, 2014

A Letter to my Hearties ^^

To my aisyah's
I'm not sure what kind of relationship we have, but i know we're going to be friends forever
Aisyah, we are the awesome online shoppers^^
Kak Ecah, a macrophage who eats people, why you so cengey? :p

To my anis's
Nael, you are always there for me, and you always know when it's not alright 
and you'll be there to listen and then scold me ;)! 
An, you are there to listen to me when i had my breakdown and you even cry with me? 
Seriously, you're awesome!

To my akma's
I've known you guys since standard 6
Akma, we never had any fight except that one misunderstanding and then, we're cool ;)
plus you are likely the only one who calls me a playgirl :p 
Akmar, you are the only one who sees me when i'm strong and weak, if you get what i meant ;)

To radin
You were there, and there
You are not always there, but you understand me when i love my first love :)
Plus you gave me an advise that i never thought i would remember

To my nuzul quran
You know when i'm not fine
You put up with me,
made me laugh again till i simply forget to get mad
And the scenes u draw always make me smile :)

To una
Without you, i can't imagine how my life at a boarding school would be
Please don't ever shout again if u need to borrow my iron :p

To nabilah, my so-called step mom
You know i have a story to tell when i come to your bed
Too bad you couldn't warn me that my scandal at that time would hurt me

To my dear roomates, dila and wanie
You guys saw me when i was most pathetic, sorry
Wanie, i miss our time crying together watching drama
Dila, for being there to listen to my pathetic-idiot-city
Risa Koizumi miss our times together :)

To sanah
Thanks babe for the food, the awesome gift, and most importantly for being there
We sure came a long way, remember our first birthday together?
we barely knew each other even though we were together every day :)

To my childhood sweetheart, nisya
Thanks for still being with me even though i'm such a witch sometimes ;)

Lastly, to that someone
I guess i broke that friendship rule, huh?
I can be myself, telling you anything. And i trust you
Perhaps i get too comfortable, and it's gonna be a great lost
if u decide to join a marathon someday :(

Aeris ER.
Km 119.1 East Coast Expressway
Kiss the rain on play

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  1. dear erissa, i wish i can meet you rite now..really, i want to hug you.
    sometimes, when i remember you, my tears rolled down. seriously, i hope u enjoy ur life. i really want to meet you...

    sis, i miss your lame jokes, and your kamikaze~~