Friday, March 7, 2014

At the Intersection

i walked along an unpaved path
stones and pebbles drawing blood from my feet
branches and thorns slashing my skin

i try my best to keep on walking
despite the agony and pain i felt
i've been told that at the end of the path
there is a better place waiting
but suddenly i just can't take it anymore

in that big oak tree
there's a door appearing and disappearing
and through that door is the place i first start
where it would lead to the other path i once abandon

there were butterflies urging me to walk to this path
a lion was staying behind me, urging me to walk
and all the birds and squirrels pointed me to this path
this scary path

if i abandon this path and walk through that door
i'll be at the beginning again
but i would be walking the other path
the path they did not encourage me to walk
the path they said was not challenging
the path they didn't thought i could walk through

but just how the hell would they know?

i see stars twinkling on that other path
the moon smiling away
but the path is dark
and i'm not sure if i'll survive there
even though i like the sky above it

will i regret abandoning this path
this path i've walk on too long
without proving to people i can walk through
and will i ever be happy staying this path
despite the ruby's and diamond's somewhere along the path
if i can't even raise up my head to see the scenery
save for the stones, pebbles, and thorns?

Aeris ER.
Seminar room Melor 1, HoSHAS
sleepy zombie on the go
can't understand what doctor is saying

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