Sunday, March 23, 2014

Avant Garde Family Day 3.0

So here comes Family Day 3.0!!! Being a sport bureau member, i had to be on the committee to plan the games for dear friends to play every year before this. *Okay, even if it wasn't me who planned it, i still had work to do*

seeing ickle and Lardee on our family day banner
spiked up my spirit to the max to be there :)

Fortunately this year, i escaped and managed to play the games. Yayy! ^^
We were divided into red, blue, purple and orange. I was in blue! And, oh yeah, before i forgot, we had our awesome time at Balok beach.

having our morning walk at the beach :)

We first played a game where the all members of the groups needs to put their belongings in a line to create the longest caterpillar. *with the exception that you don't remove your shirt, pants and other appropriate clothing though* Shoes, spectacles, wallets, caps and whatever there were are lined up and those without spectacles squint their way and those without shoes hop away.

just shoes lining up to be caterpillar :)

Second game took place under the sunny rays at the beach. Dodge-ball time people! The boys had to stay in the square drawn on the beach and girls from other group fire away the balls. To make it more fun, while dodging the balls thee girls are so enthusiastically throwing, the boys had to name 10 things such as countries or simpulan bahasa. One of the group had to name things in the kitchen. Someone straight away said chicken, and then broccoli. Seriously, broccoli?? I thought i was rolling on the sand laughing.

throw that!! NOW!

dodge! dodge!

We then had a crossword about the people in our batch. It was nice, as it reminds us of the times of our early days and test whether we really know our batch-mates. One of it, our first 'bridegroom'. Not the really first real bridegroom but Umarul who act as bridegroom for their seminar presentation. Then some quotes of the person and class representative that i have long forgotten. How did they remembered all these?

"somewhere, somewhat.....whose quote is this?"
"Bander family name? Garrrghhh!!!!"

"first Avant Gardian who was admitted to the ward?"
sound familiar :)

Next was a search in the sand of weapons we need to use in the final game. We dig and dig but there was nothing. And we turn towards the committee saying how dare they trick us like this! There were weapons anyway, such as empty shampoo bottles, glass, and water guns!

"i use this hoe and i can still find nothing!"

Our final game, where we fill the weapons with green water that smell of pandan and we need to aim it at the people's tag behind them. Yup, so runningman :)

My group won the first place during the crossword so we had the smallest tag. During the war we also had to find red colored water in bottles everywhere at the beach and fill it in a big bottle located at our base. And on top of that we had to secure 3 piece of biscuit as our live. Yup, my group's were chipped because Sohaib put it in his tracksuit pocket and it chipped while he bend to fill the red water into the big bottle. Duh.

When the war start i ran in search of the red water everywhere. There were hidden underneath trees, tied high on the brances, under the huts roof and everywhere on the ground. I managed to survive till the end, and what satisfies me most was i manage to really shoot Naqib a lot and lotsa green pandan smell water!!! Heeeee~ ^^

orange group with their filled bottle
nope, not enough to win :p

hi there, just us lovely roommates :)

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