Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding of the Year ^^

it's the awaited wedding from dear friends
not only from us medic people but the whole batch of the year
because who wouldn't know about the Aisyah Ahmad
who really talks so much o.O
and if i ever hear she said she 's gonna stay quiet for a minute
it would be a blessing
anyway, just kidding Aisyah ^^

Aisyah and Faizuddin, may Allah bless ur marriage
you guys are cool!

i don't know where the other foods are
entered the gastrointestinal tract already probably

just the Avant Gardians with the bride

my awesome roomates. Jannah hasn't arrive yet though :(

look who i met! it's Dell who ran away from UIA :p
miss you so much Dell! T_T

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