Thursday, May 1, 2014

Is my head right or just paranoid?

My head says he's playing me
My heart says he cares for me

My head says look how he treats you some times
My heart says he's busy, be understanding

My head says he's another liar
My heart says not all men are evil

My head says you said that before, look what happens
My heart says you are just paranoid

My head said they are all the same, humans!!
My heart says I'm human, too

My head is going to stay paranoid
and my heart is going to do all these stupid things

I know I've lost my trust in humanity long long ago
And my heart wants to believe there's still good in humans

Till then, when you don't know who to trust, pray to Allah and tell him everything in your sujud. Trust him. He'll always be there for you.

Aeris ER.
Reading G6PD, well trying to...

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